Discover the six personality types and develop your communication strategies using the Process Communication Model ®

Discover the six personality types and develop your communication strategies using the Process Communication Model ®


This training includes the educational material as well as a personality inventory, a 40-page personalized report and an action plan.

Next training session (24 hours): October 3rd,17 and 24th from 9 AM to 5PM via videoconference






Discover the six personality types and develop your communication strategies using the Process Communication Model ®

The PCM training allows you to experiment with a model developed by Taibi Kahler, PhD in Psychology, and developed by NASA for astronauts.

The internationally recognized PROCESS COMMUNICATION ® model provides professionals with simple and practical tools to decode their client’s preferred mode of communication.

Investigative work to gather information from the client is a key element of therapy. The professional exchanges and asks questions, he must understand what the client’s needs are and identify the best way to accompany him. Sometimes, the psychologist may have difficulty communicating with the client or establishing a relationship of trust, because they are either rigid, not very committed or even silent. The psychologist can sometimes find himself at an impasse with a difficult client.

The training objectives are :

To adapt to the client’s communication style and dominant perception by observing, interaction by interaction, his behavioral indicators;
To recognize the client’s specific stress signals and to know how to invite him/her to come out of them in order to return to a positive behaviour;
To give the client an individualized action plan that will allow him/her to learn to nourish his/her psychological needs on a daily and weekly basis;
To know, according to their personality structure, which therapeutic discipline will best suit each client.

The PCM is an exciting and client-oriented training.  It has a rare characteristic: in addition to the theoretical and practical tools it offers, it allows you to better use the other tools at your disposal.


The training starts as soon as you register! You will receive a link to a questionnaire that will be processed confidentially by computer to establish your Personality Inventory. This support will allow you to know yourself better and to appropriate the concepts of the PCM model.

During the training, there will be an alternation between theory and practice: exercises, role-playing, practice with the trainer and among peers.

For whom?

Anyone wishing to improve their communication skills with people with different personalities.

This training is recognized by the L’ordre des psychologues and is eligible for your continuous education program.


This 3-day training course will enable you to improve your interpersonal communication skills using the Process Communication® model. You will leave with concrete and applicable tools from the 1st day of training to better understand yourself, better understand the other person, adapt your communication in order to develop and maintain long-lasting and quality personal and professional relationships.

*Maximum of 10 participants per session 


Reserved for psychologists and psychotherapists.

Prior to the training, each participant must answer a questionnaire allowing him/her to establish his/her personality inventory by confidential computer processing. This support allows each participant to situate himself and to appropriate the concepts, in reference to his own personality.