Discover the Process Communication Model®

Next informative Webinar, September 14th from 8h30 AM till 9h30 AM

Se Propulser is pleased to introduce a new training activity recognized by the Order of Psychologists and eligible for your continuous education program.

PCM®, the tool that will make a daily difference!

We communicate through perceptions…

The patients who perceive the world through their emotions want to know that others care about them, are willing to listen to them and allow them to discuss their feelings. Those who perceive the world through thoughts sees the world differently, no space for feelings. They have a list of things they want to discuss in great detail, and they want to run through that list. They want others to respond in the same way and to respect their timeline.

How we deal with those perceptions can improve or prevent communication with others. Effective communication directly impacts performance, morale and safety.

The Process Communication Model provides you with a reliable and validated method for decoding human behavior through active observation of those around you.

It teaches how to assess the styles of others based on their behaviors, word choices, and body language. One learns how to recognize predictable distress patterns in themselves and others, and skillfully diffuse difficult situations before tension escalates.

PCM has been validated over the course of 40 years in Fortune 500 companies, universities, major organizations, as well as among clinicians and psychologists.

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